5 Fragrances Scent Scientifically Proven To Boost Confidence


Although the power of scents is usually underestimated, they can completely transform your mood. There are specific scents that make you feel confident and powerful. As your sense of smell is directly linked with your limbic system, responsible for interpreting memories and emotions, specific scents can impact your mood. According to research five scents found in Luxury Fragrances that boost your mood are vanilla, citrus, jasmine, rosemary and ylang-ylang.

Research shows vanilla, a very well-known scent elevates the mood and helps one feel a sense of relaxation, therefore wearing a fragrance like Urban inspired By Xerjoff Erba Pura will help with boosting your mood with its Madagascar vanilla beans.

Ylang-ylang is a vibrant tropical flower; this scent is very floral and often associated with strong feminine energy. It is a sexy fragrance scent that has the tendency to boost your confidence especially in a setting such as date night as it helps you feel sexy. Adore inspired by J’dore by Dior is a floral, fruity fragrance that is known for it’s classic Ylang-Ylang notes.

Looking for a boost in confidence, as Jasmine-based fragrances are known for it’s uplifting properties it can make you feel optimistic as well as fill your mind with positive energy. Jasmine oil is also known as an anti-depressant as it calms the nerves and can help with anxiety therefore wearing a fragrance with this note has its benefits. As Donna inspired by Valentino Donna Born in Roma combines middle notes of Jasmine, Jasmine Sambac and Jasmine Tea it is the perfect fragrance that will make you feel and urge of uber power.

 Rosemary is an empowering scent, which explains why it is used for a lot of famous perfumes. This scent has been shown to enhance concentration, memory and brain power. With rosemary you are sure to bring your A game. Gio inspired by Georgio Armani Acqua Di Gio is one of the sexiest men fragrance, that is empowering because of it’s rosemary notes.

From just inhaling a fragrance with citrus notes can boost alertness and make you feel energized. The smell of lemon can also help you destress and leave a positive impression on others. Paros inspired by Xerjoff Naxos is a beautiful Tobacco and Honey blend that infuses Mediterranean citruses which also provides a refreshed feeling and boost of confidence.

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