7 Steps to Avoid a Small Business CRM Software Nightmare


When choosing a small business CRM Software solution for your Company, there is a lot more to consider than mere price. Taking a cost-conscious decision to purchase from a budget CRM software vendor can often lead to higher costs and lost profits due to inadequate customer service in the future.

1. Go For CRM Software That Your Staff will Love to use.

The key is to source the best CRM Software for the skill level of your staff, do not choose needlessly complicated systems that will add extra workload for your administrative staff. This is a vital quality you will be looking out for as you browse for small business CRM software. It is important to remember that your staff has gotten used to their old roles with the old system, you are now asking them to adapt, and the easier you make this process the better for your company and your UK clients.

2. Don’t Delegate the Implementation of Your Small Business CRM Solution to Your I.T. Department

Your IT department will have its strengths but in 99.9% of cases, they will not be masters in the intricate arts of sales, marketing, and customer service that are so important to launching a successful CRM software solution in any UK company. Make sure the right people are doing the right jobs.

3. Make Sure You Control The Rollout of Your UK Company’s CRM Software System

If you are the executive then make sure that a floor manager is tending to the various intricacies of your software management upgrade, while you make sure that you have clear scope to see the overall picture.

4. Make Sure Your Customer Relationship Management Software is rolled out quickly

The longer your Company’s CRM software systems take to be fully functional the more detrimental the effect will be on corporate profit margins. As a guide anything that looks like it is going to take longer than 4 months to fully implement needs a serious rethink if you are going to streamline the launch of your business CRM software.

5. Keep Open Lines of Communication with your Employees When Implementing Your CRM Software Solutions

Along with making sure that your staff is fully trained in using your new CRM system, it is always helpful for the person managing the rollout to have an “open door” policy.

6. Build Relationships with Small Business CRM Consultants

The road to implementing your CRM system is never going to be smooth, you will certainly be happy in the long run that you took the time to build a working relationship with an experienced CRM consultant who is used to working with companies.

7. Get an Executive on the Side to Sponsor Your New Small Business CRM Solutions

Insure yourself against any of the inevitable ups and downs of installing your Small Business CRM Software in the next two months; make sure that if you are not the CEO you manage to get their blessing for the project. It may seem cynical at this stage but when the stress starts to pile on you will be glad you have an executive to champion your cause.

Roger Barrymore is a certified CRM Professional, with a specialty in helping businesses multiply their revenue using a combination of marketing Strategy and tactics, CRM strategy, and CRM software.


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