Airbrush Tanning – What You Need to Know


Airbrush tanning is becoming very popular today. One reason for this is that people are realizing just how dangerous sun bathing is. As the ozone thins more and more each year tanning has become less and less appealing. The tan itself is still desired but the side effects that come with it are not. Skin cancer is a prevalent problem in our sun worshipping society. As are wrinkles and other skin, blemishes tied directly to tanning.

Many thought that the invention of the tanning bed would fix all that. However, they were wrong; too many hours in a tanning, bed still leaves you at a risk for cancer. Besides that, have you ever seen the skin of a professional tanner? It resembles tanned leather and wrinkles at a much faster rate than those who do not tan. Recently we have seen a new kid on the block in the way of airbrush tanning systems.

Airbrush tanning systems uses a solution containing dihydroxyacetone or DHA. This is a safe substance as long as it is not sprayed in the eyes or the mouth. There are two basic ways this type of tanning can be applied, in a booth or by hand. The first utilizes an airbrush-tanning booth the customer stands in while the solution is sprayed on the body. The second requires airbrush-tanning tools and a technician applies it by hand.

Airbrush tanning equipment kits are available for the casual home user and the salon. The do it your self-airbrush tanning equipment kits can be purchased for as little as $200.00. The results will not be as professional looking as the salon grade but will do nicely for those unable to go to the salon.

Salon will be more inclined to purchase the higher end airbrush tanning equipment. These equipment kits run in excess of $1000.00 but the results are fantastic. The spray guns are able to apply the tanning solution much quicker and the salons are able to use a higher concentration of DHA.

If all that were not enough to peak your interest airbrushing makeup equipment is also now available in professional or personal kits. Ever wonder why the stars look so great all the time? It is called airbrush makeup! Yes, you can airbrush your foundation, eye shadow, and even lipstick. The color palettes are amazing, and for what all that you get these airbrush makeup equipment kits are not that expensive. The price range is $200 and up for personal to professional airbrush makeup equipment. These kits come with starter makeup in your chosen color.

But wait the fun does not stop there, I was absolutely blown away by the hair art you can do with these things. Stencils and DVDs will guide you through creating your own special airbrush makeup for your hair! Put a cute leopard print on your bangs for a wild night on the town. Alternatively, fix your hair with streaks of color for your wedding day, how awesome would it be to have hair that matches your color scheme? The best thing about airbrushed hair makeup? It washes out easily in the shower using your own shampoo, no special removers to buy or going into work with a purple starburst in your hair.

Whatever your style there is an airbrush makeup equipment kit that you would love. So whether you are looking to stay out of the sun to stay healthy or just want to look fabulous all the time get out there and get your own airbrush tanning or airbrush makeup kit today. Don’t let the stars and there makeup artists have all the fun!


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