Bars and Clubs Are Getting Better For Guys During the Recession


Are clubs getting better for guys during the recession? I think they are and here’s why.

I’m back in New Jersey for a few weeks and I went out to a few bars and clubs Brewery Bellingha recently. If you’ve read my material you know that I pay a lot of attention to male/female ratios on the nights I go out. I like to pick places where the odds are in my favor or at least even. I hate going to places that are known as infamous “sausage parties”.

These past few times I went out it looks like the ratios haven’t been as bad as they use to be even a year back. During this past year things have gotten really bad in the Economy. There has been hemorrhage of jobs in the Financial sector and the housing and real estate industry. All of these industries are male dominated. The wall street journal featured and article Why This Recession Is Hitting Men Harder which explained this in detail.

I think the WSJ is right and I think the New York area got hit especially hard. So what does this have to do with clubs and bars? The last few times I’ve been out, I noticed that the clubs weren’t as packed as they used to be and in some cases the ratios were almost even. A lot of men are probably opting out of the club and bar scene during the recession because they’re feeling the pinch.

But it get’s even better… The popular ladies nights which no one use to pay attention to in the past now get a lot more respect. Ladies get in free before certain hours to many of the tri-states best clubs, and they also get drink specials. I tested my theory out and decided to check out club all-zone in Roselle, NJ on ladies night. I got there as soon as they opened the door and I was totally right. For the next hour the place filled up with women who didn’t want to pay to get in after 10:30. The guys didn’t start showing up until 11:00 or so, but the I had about an hour and a half of time where there were many more women then men in the club (although eventually it evened up).

So the moral of the story:

1. Ratios in bars and clubs might be getting better because guys are feeling the pinch more then women.

2. Go early on ladies nights because a lot more ladies are trying to get in for free and take advantage of drink specials during this recession. You’ll have an hour or two of great ratios, and virtually no competition!


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