Benefits of Marble Countertops


Marble is a crystallized limestone and so can be polished to a mirror-finish, which brings depth in its color and looks gorgeous. Limestone is a chalky, dusty rock, while marble is hard and compact. One of the most costly materials for kitchen countertops is marble stone. Although it has a very good appearance, there are many other properties that make the marble very excellent countertop material. If the marble countertop is taken care, then it can be in the same condition as it was first fabricated. Marble countertops can be found in various colors. Marble countertops are heat resistant and so will not burn or catch fire, but the finish of the countertop may catch fire if hot items are placed directly on the surface of the countertop. So it is better that a pot holder or a place mat is placed between the surface of the Quartz Countertops Sarasota and the hot object to protect the finish of the countertop from the heat. If a pot holder or a mat is not placed between the surface of the countertop then that area may become darker than the surrounding marble, which may ruin the appearance of the countertop. Since marble countertops are made up of natural stone they are highly resistant to scratches, cracks and breakage.

While choosing a marble countertop he can choose from two types of countertop. The first type of countertop is marble slab which are very expensive and this can last for the rest of the homeowner’s lifetime. The second type of marble countertop is marble tiles. These are less expensive when compared to marble slabs. These tiles can be damaged if enough stress is placed on them because of which they become very expensive to repair. These are made up of concrete. Marble countertops are recommended for restaurant owners. Restaurant countertops are non organic and slightly porous, disinfecting them with store-bought cleanser usually gets rid of most germs and bacteria. Business owners can benefit from marble countertops because it makes a good impression on the minds of the clients. If you have marble countertops at home you can impress your friends and guests. It can add culture and class to any gathering or event. As marble countertop can withstand frequent use, they can be cleaned easily. Maintenance is very simple. Wiping the stone with a wet rag or disinfectant can keep your countertop glowing for a long time. Spills on your marble countertop ought to be cleaned immediately.

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