Calling In Backup – Hiring a College Consultant


When adults ask children in elementary school what they want to be when they grow up, the answers usually vary between doctor, ballerina, police officer, vet or all the above. When asked the question again in middle school, the answers are usually a little more refined but when people ask high school students what they want to be when they grow up and where they are going to college, the answer is a big deal. As a student, what you respond to that adult sticks with you, you start to think you are tied to that college even though you only told Aunt Sally that you wished to get into Stanford. The search for finding the right college can seem like a monumental task that will affect every day of your life, but it will be OK. If you do your research correctly and thoroughly and apply yourself during school, there is no reason you should not succeed, but back to the searching. If you feel that searching through the million colleges just in the is too much for you, then hiring a Concierge College Consulting may be the best route.

What Do College Consultants Provide?

Many college consulting companies offer a number of packages. These packages are not limited to the graduating senior. There are often packages that pertain to the middle school student. These packages include a focus on bolstering a strong vocabulary, a look at what needs to be done between that time and college application time, and looking for athletic, volunteer, and summer activities that will improve a college resume. Packages pertaining to high school level students can be broken down to freshman/sophomore packages and junior/senior packages. Freshman/sophomore packages offer a chance for the student to begin looking at colleges and areas of study. This is in no way a concrete decision but instead gives the student an opportunity to change their mind and a chance to look at all of their options. This way, when the student makes their final decision, they know they have looked at all other possibilities and are satisfied with the path they choose. They will also receive consultation that will help them start a good resume, prepare for the SAT/ACT, create a list of awards received throughout high school, and look for positive summer jobs and opportunities. The junior/senior packages highlight certain tasks that students should focus on at certain times to insure that they are not overwhelmed by the entire process all at once. They will receive help with their college applications, resumes, essays, and much more as well.

But Wait… There’s More

Many college Consulting companies also offer help with finding the best college for a student-athlete and attain the student’s dream of playing their sport collegiately. Consultants help the student-athlete find camps that will increase exposure, create letters to send to colleges, and anything that needs to be done to assure academic and athletic success for a student during their years in college.

The benefits of hiring a college consultant may never be known to you as a student or your child because you did not look beyond the box or were not able too. College consultants insure that you explore all possibilities for your college education.


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