Central Heating and Outdoor Pellet Stoves


Central heating and outdoor pellet stoves work in virtually the same manner. These systems are excellent if you are looking for a manner in which you can heat not only your home, but other buildings, swimming pools and spas at a lower cost than if you were to utilize a traditional furnace.

Most outdoor furnaces are non-pressurized and are able to save you massive amounts on your heating costs each year. Not only are the outdoor pellet stoves able to burn pellets, but also other types of fuel as well including wood, coal, corn cob and other natural fuels. The burning of natural fuels allows you to be more self-sufficient and saves you on expensive natural gas and oil heating bills. Additionally, these systems can be set up with a thermostat in your home to ensure proper temperature control. Your original heating system does not have to be disconnected, but used only as a back-up source should you require it.

Outdoor pellet stoves are not usually placed as far away from the buildings as a Geen warm water boiler system can be. Outdoor pellet stoves are placed approximately twenty feet away from your home, while a boiler system can be placed up to five hundred feet away from your home. Both systems heat water that is then ran through an air-to-water heat exchange system. You may also add a water-to-water heat exchange system to allow you to provide your home with hot water off of the same system.

On both the central heating and outdoor pellet stove models, the mess is located outside your home. There is no wood to be stacked or hauled inside. Plus, the risk of house fires and chimney fires are eliminated. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about smoke inhalation or carbon monoxide poisoning, making these very safe options for heating your home.

The greatest benefit to these systems is not only your heating versatility, but also the fact that you can save up 50-100% on your heating annual costs. What it cost you prior to the system per month, may now cost you only that amount each year.

If you would like even more convenience in your life, these systems can provide it. Imagine never having to scrape ice and snow off of your sidewalks and driveway. With these systems you can have radiant piping installed under your driveway and walk ways. When it snows or ices over in the winter, the piping will melt it away and it doesn’t cost any more than to run your outdoor pellet stove.

The system you choose will depend entirely on your needs, but either system is bound to decrease your heating and add convenience to your lifestyle.


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