Common Myths About Custom Jewelry


If you’ve been dreaming of a special piece of jewelry, you have probably been looking around for a design similar to the one in your head and when you couldn’t find one, thought of ways you could make that dream come true through custom jewelry. Have you been holding back because you think what you want is out of your reach? There are a lot of misconceptions about wholesale custom jewelry manufacturer that you may have heard from friends or just assumed upon reflection. Read on to uncover some of the biggest myths about custom jewelry and the truth behind them.

Myth #1: “All custom jewelry is insanely expensive. I can’t afford any.”
Fact: Although some types of custom jewelry are expensive, the same can be said of regular store-bought jewelry. It all depends on what you want. There are many beautiful and elegant options for gems and stones for custom jewelry, many of which are surprisingly affordable. For example, synthetic gems cost much less than natural ones and look just as beautiful. Only a trained jeweler or gemologist could tell the difference, but your budget can. Additionally, if you purchase your stones at a gem show, you can achieve wholesale prices and save yourself a bundle by bringing them into the jeweler for your piece.

Myth #2: “The salespeople will be pushy. They’ll try to talk me into getting different, more expensive gems.”
Fact: Although there may be a few unscrupulous salespeople out there, a good, professional salesperson or jewelry designer will not try to talk you into changing your mind about the gems you want. In fact, the person you speak with will happily explain the different grades of gems and how much they cost. That way you can decide for yourself exactly what you want to use without feeling uneducated regarding your options or forced into a corner. If you’re displeased with your options or service, the jeweler risks losing referrals, and that’s a designer’s bread and butter. They’ll want to make sure you get what you want, exactly what you can pay for, and exactly what will make you the happiest.

Myth #3: “It will take forever for them to make my jewelry. By then it will be too late to wear it to the wedding/party/function.”
Fact: It does take some time to craft custom jewelry. However, most pieces can be completed within three to four weeks. To make sure your jewelry will be ready for your special occasion, go in about two months before you need it. Explain your timeframe and see whether they can confirm in writing when it will be ready. Items such as rings and earrings take less time than elaborate necklaces and bracelets, but it is still best to place your jewelry order at least two months ahead of time.

Myth #4: “I can just find what I want in a jewelry or department store.”
Fact: Although you may find some pieces similar to what you want in a store, if you want something truly unique, custom jewelry is your best option. If you’re looking for purple jade earrings, for example, you may find them but not in the color or size you want. Custom jewelry allows you to get exactly what you want, down to the shape, size, color, and design. If you want a necklace with a panda pendant made of black and white coral, having something custom-made will ensure that you get what you imagined in your best-case scenario.


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