Curing the Ailments of Modern Life With Yoga Fitness


Yoga Fitness Fixes Lethargy

Modern life was not made for the human frame. It has made it too easy for us to forget our physicality; it has disconnected us from the energy flowing through us; and it has imposed on us all kinds of stresses and strains. Machines whisk us from place to place, leaving only our eyes and hands in motion; offices are places where we slouch disinterestedly, or crouch stiffly over computers. And at home, the couch molds round us, and holds onto us as we watch the flickering entertainment. It’s no wonder that the body is left distorted, crooked, de-energized and ready to rebel.

Yoga – The Low-Impact Sport

If you’re one of those afflicted with the multiplying ailments of modern life, from sleeplessness and lack of energy, to irritable bowels or a grumbling back, then you’ll be pleased to know there is an easy way to help sweep those complaints away. Spiritual fitness is something that we can all aspire to, because unlike other high impact sports, yoga does not require you to jump in at the deep end. Yoga is more a state of mind – or rather a change of approach to the mind-body relationship.

The Yoga Body is Flexible

Yoga has a vast universe of mental and physical exercises to draw from, to reconnect mind, body and spirit. It can start from gentle beginnings, with simple stretches and breathing routines. These beginning exercises are ones that anyone can easily slip into their daily routine – with just ten or twenty minutes a day needed to see real changes. As your yoga body awareness begins to develop further, you’ll find that your body is becoming your friend again. Suppleness, posture and flexibility will return to you in good measure, and you will find your muscles becoming more toned and responsive.

Yoga Sports Can Challenge the Mind

Once you have discovered the amazing fact that you have far more control over the detail of your body, than you ever thought possible, you’ll be ready to expand your yoga to the more challenging postures. These can be tailored to improve your core strength, or to target particular conditions in your body that hold you back. This can help you at play too. For those undertaking 30 minutes or more of daily yoga sport will become a more pleasurable, and less injury prone activity. This is because of the fundamental improvements to your muscle tone, balance and all round flexibility. So yoga has an incredible range of benefits to offer, in so many areas of modern life – not bad for something often denigrated as glorified stretching.


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