Dog Bites: Claim Compensation With the Help of a Lawyer


An increase in the frequency of dog attacks has been noted recently and they mostly involve young children aged 18 and below. Victims of dog-biting incidents usually require hospital treatments which may at least 3 days, depending on the degree of the attack. If the dog involved belonged to someone else, the incident may be considered as a personal injury case where the victim may claim for indemnity of damages. Dog owners are required to update their pets’ vaccination schedule. However, some dogs whose shots aren’t updated may be carriers of rabies, which is a life-threatening disease. A bite from one of these dogs not only involves physical injuries but also an increased risk of acquiring rabies. In addition, dogs are not the only pets that potentially carry rabies, cats, exotic pets and rodents may also bite and injure innocent victims.

It is important to immediately seek medical help for the patient and report the incident to the police. Some countries have specific laws regarding compensating a victim of a dog or a pet bite, while others do not. Still, this doesn’t mean that you cannot seek payment for damages incurred by the victim. Compensation for such personal injury cases will be done by a lawyer professionally and may increase the victim’s chances of receiving a settlement. Moreover, in calculating the value of the total damages, a Personal Injury Lawyer is an expert in putting values to injuries that are otherwise hard to measure. Example, a victim’s hospital bills have actual valuation, whereas trauma is much harder to appraise. Also, the extent of the damage related to a person’s worth will be considered. To illustrate, a model whose face gets disfigured by a dog bite may receive a higher compensation considering that the victim will probably also lose her modeling job as a result of the dog bite.

When a victim experiences a dog bite, it is important to let the pet owner know the danger that the dog poses if he runs around freely and unleashed. If the dog involve belongs to a particularly notorious breed, your lawyer will only have to point out the notoriety of the dog’s breed to the judge to get the victim to be awarded with compensation promptly. However it is also the responsibility of the victim to show that the dog was not provoked in any way and that it could have behaved the same way if someone else was there at the moment instead of the victim. In addition, dog owners may also be responsible for the damage caused by their pets to other people’s properties.

Pet owners should be responsible for their pets. If they will not be around for a certain time, then it is their responsibility to bring their pets to a relative for safe-keeping or keep them locked in kennels where they won’t be able to cause harm to other people directly or indirectly. There are numerous cases of dog-biting and dog-related accidents that have not been brought to court. If you are someone who would not want to settle things at court, then you may still hire a personal injury lawyer so that you may still be awarded some sort of compensation for the injuries and expenses that you have obtained. If, however, you choose to settle things at court, then there is a bigger chance that you will get a more substantial amount of compensation commensurate to what you have actually gone through during the entire dog-biting experience.


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