Ebay Explained – Advanced Search


Although most users have used eBays search facility to try and find items to bid on, eBays advanced search is a very powerful tool. Generally it allows to enter much more specific search parameters such as searching for items from specific sellers, items within a price range or those within a certain mileage of you.

One of the best benefits of using advanced search Edwin Urrutia is it allows you to find contact information of members who you’ve done transactions with. You simply have to enter the user id of the member and the item number that both members were involved with.

As soon as this is done, the information is emailed to both members, yourself and the other member whose information your searching for. You can then contact the member directly.

Advanced search also allows you to find trading assistants close to you, and gives you limited details about a member if you only have their email address. To protect the privacy of eBay members not all information is always given.

Research can also be done with eBays advanced search as it allows you to search for completed items. If you have a similar item your selling or want to bid on an item, but are unsure of the value an advanced search for completed items will give you a detailed list of completed items within the last thirty days. You can then compare the final prices of these auctions, knowing how much to bid or expect for your item.



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