Embroidered fitted hats are well shaped to fit exactly on the head of the end user. These caps are getting popular and fashionable day by day. When Custom fitted hats carry the company logo or event, then they becomes a type of billboard and the employees and the customers who wear them become walking billboards for the company’s identity. They are perfect gifts for corporate parties and to build brand awareness.

These hats use different types of clothes such as pure cotton, pure wool, wool and acrylic, brushed canvas, and acrylic and cotton.

Embroidered fitted hats generally use only a logo embroidered on the cap. The embroidered logo could be on the front, right side, left side, back, or all around. Art and design services of the hat manufacturer help in logo designing and the position of logo on the cap.

To make an embroidered fitted hat, manufacturers use different techniques to fit the hat exactly on the head. For this, they use a hook-and-loop fastener and an adjustable buckle back closure; they also make hats in universal sizes. They also make small and large hats for different head sizes. If the head size is between 6″-7 1/8″, then they prescribe a small hat size. If the head size is more than7 ΒΌ”, then the end user should use large size hat.

Some hat manufacturers give a conversion chart for fitted hat sizes. They make exactly fitted hats. If the head size is 53 cm, then the hat size should be 6 5/8. The hat size increases for each cm increase in head size. For 64 cm head size, the hat size should be 8. The embroidered fitted-hat manufacturers suggest measuring the head with a flexible tape measure directly where the sweatband will rest. This could perfectly fit the head even if the size varies by 1cm.


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