Employee Leasing Solutions – What Every Business Owner Should Know


For one to understand what employee leasing solutions are all about, one must first know how employee leasing works. Staff leasing is the process wherein a client company obtains the services of employees through a third-party company. This third-party company is the professional employment organization (PEO) or the staff leasing company. It is this company which offers employee leasing solutions.

The PEO employs a number of qualified personnel who are knowledgeable in different fields. These professionals are officially employed by the staff leasing company, but their services are acquired by the client firm. For the client firm to obtain the services of these workers, it has to approach the PEO and lease the employees. Once the employees are leased, the client firm has complete control over their services. It is in this co-employment relationship that these solutions are made possible.

Generally, it exists to enable business owners to focus only in their core business. These solutions are meant to improve daily operations, generate new clients and increase profitability. How is this possible? The staff leasing agency removes all employee New Hampshire -related administrative tasks from the client company so that the only thing the latter will worry about is business itself.

In the co-employment agreement, the PEO is the official employer of the leased staff. This means that it is also the employer of record. Therefore, all human resource-related duties become the burden of the PEO, and not the client company. All the services that an employee leasing company offers to its corporate clients fall under the category of employee leasing solutions. These include payroll accounting, tax administration, risk management, health benefits and workers’ compensation.

Different PEOs have different employee leasing solutions to offer to various client companies. There are some that provide more than human resource and personnel management assistance to corporate clients. For example, there are many staff leasing agencies which offer Information Technology solutions through their leased employees. The employee leasing solutions include graphic and web design, web development, creative writing, systems administration, programming, medical transcription, online research, and documents and records management among others.


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