Exploring the Hidden Gems of Mall of Antalya



While the Mall of Antalya is known for its popular brand stores and entertainment options, it also has some hidden gems that are worth exploring. These lesser-known spots offer a unique and memorable experience for visitors looking to do something different at the mall.

One of the hidden gems of the Mall of Antalya is its art gallery. The mall has a dedicated exhibition space that showcases the work of local and international artists. The gallery is curated by a team of experts who carefully select the artworks to be displayed. Visitors can admire the art for free or even purchase a piece to take home as a souvenir.

Another hidden gem is the mall’s rooftop terrace. Located on the top floor of the building, the terrace offers a breathtaking view of the city and the Mediterranean Sea. It’s the perfect spot to watch the sunset while enjoying a drink or a meal from one of the mall’s rooftop restaurants.

For those who love to read, the Mall of Antalya also has a public library. The library has a vast collection of books in different languages, including Turkish and English. Visitors can borrow books for free and even spend time reading in the library’s cozy reading corners.

One of the most unique features of the Mall of Antalya is its indoor garden. The mall has a large, green space in the center, complete with trees, flowers, and even a small pond. It’s a tranquil oasis that provides a welcome break from the noise and chaos of the mall’s busy corridors.

In conclusion, the Mall of Antalya has much more to offer than just shopping and entertainment. Its hidden gems are waiting to be discovered by visitors who are looking for something different. Whether it’s admiring artwork, enjoying a view of the city, reading a book, or relaxing in an indoor garden, the Mall of Antalya has something for everyone.

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