Finding Quality Cake Recipes on the Internet


How many times have you been disappointed by a fantastic looking cake that isn’t so fantastic on the inside? As you’ll see, really good cake recipes aren’t all that difficult to find on the Internet, but you do have to know where to look and what to look for and have some time to spend researching.

Once you have a recipe with promise, be sure that you understand and follow it diligently. The rewards will be sweet, especially the “mmm’s” and sighs emanating from those partaking of your scrumptious Semolina cake recipe.

Where do you find cake recipes on the Internet that are deserving of your time? A good place to start of course is at a quality site that offers cake recipes, such as the Food Network or Martha Stewarts website.

When you come across a recipe posted by a fellow Website visitor, rather than say by Martha herself, be sure to check the reviews. Many of these types of sites have a review element that allows you to see what others who have tried the recipe have to say about it, or at the least how many stars they’ve given it.

Until you’ve got enough experience to discern a great recipe from a poor one, look for the quantity of reviews, especially if it’s just going by stars, so that you’re not just taking one or two persons’ word for it.

Here’s one thing that is a mark of a quality recipe: quality ingredients. This may seem to go without saying, but by quality ingredients, we mean that the ingredients in the recipe will be the more natural and real forms. For example a quality cake recipe will have:

Real butter instead of margarine

Real whipping cream, in liquid form, not out of a can

Extracts and/or zests instead of artificial flavors (with the exception of icings such as snow white buttercream that calls for clear vanilla and butter flavor)

And when you make a cake from a great sounding recipe, be sure to do it justice and use fresh ingredients. You will notice the difference in taste!

So in general, the best cake recipes use the freshest and more natural forms of ingredients. This doesn’t of course guarantee the excellence of a recipe, so remember to read those reviews!

Speaking of ingredients, if you can’t find it in your local stores, shop online. Sites such as Wilton Cake Decorating carry hard-to-find ingredients.

Once you’ve found a cake recipe you want to try, be sure to follow it diligently. If you’re not familiar with a term, look it up, so you know you’ve got it right.



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