Frozen Shoulder Physiotherapy Exercises – Motivating Yourself To Do Them


You know that you should be doing your frozen shoulder physiotherapy exercises but you have so many other things to do. Right? And things are moving so much more slowly because of your frozen shoulder and the pain associated with it. How on earth are you going to find the time and motivation to do these exercises?

This article looks first at why you’re not doing them.
Then we will look at what you can do to make sure you do them.
First, the possible reasons you’re not doing them.

You Want To See Results Immediately
It would be great if you could do something which would sort out your frozen shoulder right away, wouldn’t it? But unfortunately there is no magic solution. It will take time. And when things are not moving as fast as we wish, it’s tempting to think it won’t work for us. And that’s when we give up.

It’s Hard Work
Is it really hard work? If you choose to see it as hard work it will feel like a chore and you will start to dread doing the exercises. You will then find any excuse not to do them. You will find other more pressing things to do. And then suddenly the day has gone. You have run out of time, and you don’t do them at all.

Your Frame Of Mind
You would rather not have a frozen shoulder. And these physiotherapy massage exmouth exercises are something extra that needs to be done. Maybe you are cross about your shoulder and cross about having to do the exercises. This is understandable. But fighting against yourself isn’t going to make the task any easier. Instead of being angry, tell yourself how happy you are that there is something you can do about your ailment.

You Are Put Off By The Varying Length Of Recovery Time
You have heard that the recovery time varies from person to person – and that some cases can last for as long as three years. You’re bound to be one of the unlucky ones. Tell yourself that you have no idea how long your recovery will take – but you are going to make it as quick as possible by doing your exercises.

Not Believing That The Exercises Will Work
It seems too simple. How could a short exercise period every day help ease something so painful? They may work for other people but not for you. If you don’t believe the exercises will work, your enthusiasm for doing them is going to be very limited. Tell yourself that they have helped other people and they will help you. You are no different.

So what is the answer? How do you motivate yourself?

Get Yourself A Good Program
Ask your physiotherapist for exercises you can do at home. Or find a good program of frozen shoulder physiotherapy exercises. A structured program should allow you to see in advance what you should be doing every day and how you can expect to progress. You will know how much you need to do every day and what your targets are.

Have A Set Time
Do the exercises at the same time every day. Set aside a specific time for doing them. There are different theories as to which is the best time of day to exercise as regards physical benefit. But in terms of making sure you do them the best time is first thing in the morning. Then they are done. As the day wears on other distractions will arise and you may find excuses/reasons not to do them at all. You clean your teeth every day without thinking (or I am assuming you do). Make exercises a part of your daily routine – so that you don’t have to remind yourself to do them. Make them as much a part of your life as cleaning your teeth.


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