Good Couples Counselling Mends Damaged Relationships


There are very few relationships in the world today that manage to steer their course through life’s rich tapestry without encountering a few problems along the way. In many instances the rifts that develop between couples are quite minor and begin over something rather trivial. But it is when they go unheeded that these minor incursions can become deep rooted and form the beginnings of a growing divide that can split couples wide apart. Couples counseling is a way of bringing two parties back together again, and allowing them, through the mediation of a professional councilor, to discuss problems in a more rational way.

Very often, the thing that makes rifts worse, and divides even deeper, is that fact that communication between a couple breaks down; and it is communication that is the key. With it there is always a chance of mending bridges, but without it, things will only go from bad to worse.

This is precisely why Couples Counselling Vancouver is becoming more and more popular. It provides that precious channel of communication that enables an exchange of views. Relationship counseling acts as a neutral sounding board. It grants couples the opportunity to air the problems and concerns that are creating the disharmony. It has a way of putting things into perspective and people often find that many of the things that seem so infuriating at the time turn out to be somewhat trivial when put openly on the table in front of an unbiased third party.

But no matter how trivialized points may seem to you, a professional counselor understands just how annoying some of the seemingly little things can be in reality. Couples counseling facilitates communication. The couples that manage to pluck up the courage to go for relationship counseling have actually already taken the first step on the road to repairing the damage.

If both people in a relationship still have feelings for one another, then the foundations are there to get the relationship back on track. Relationships need love to make them work; without it the pressures and stresses of modern life today will exert sufficient strain to challenge even the patience of a saint, and it is under this continual strain that chinks can begin to appear in the strongest of relationships.

Couples counseling will help you to focus on the core strengths of your relationship. It will also help you to have meaningful discussions without resorting to a slanging match. Very often one partner or the other is totally unaware that something in their behavior is having such a radical effect on their other half. By communicating these feelings across an open forum with your neutral counselor in attendance, it opens the eyes on both partners.

A counselor is not a judge. He/she is merely there to create this channel of communication. In the final result it is the couple themselves who actually heal the rift. It is their commitment and feeling for each other that creates the opportunity for relationship counseling to be effective.

Couples counseling is a truly effective tool. If there is a vestige of feeling left in both parties of the relationship, good counseling will enable both understanding and compassion. It is always worth remembering how your relationship began; the excitement, the passions, the hopes and the dreams. Relationship counseling will help you to relive those feelings, but will also help you to value the subtle changes that take place as relationships grow. Our needs change as we mature through life, and couples counseling will help you both to appreciate the changes, and to welcome them, together.


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