Hand Stretched Rawhide Lamp Shades For Comfortable Western Decor & Southwestern Design


Rustic lamps with rawhide lamp shades are among the most recognizable rustic lamps you find in cabins and in southwest decorating or western decor. If you have lived in the west or visited western States, you understand what I mean.

Lamp shades made of rawhide are easy to decorate with, fitting into just about any home decorating style. Rawhide leather lamp shades are also made in many colors to make it possible for interior decorators to use any color pallet. Try including rawhide shades in your decorating project and see for yourself how well they pull together your southwest design theme.

When you get ready to buy rawhide black lamp shades you will want to think about how your lamp will be used. This is just a matter of choosing where in the room you will be using it. For example, you may be illuminating a large area or just brightening a dark corner of the room. Rawhide shades are also the standard for antler chandeliers and antler lamps since rawhide lampshades are a standard for rustic lighting. From little chandelier lampshades with built in bulb clips for candelabra bulbs or sconces to large area lamps or desk lamps, rawhide shades are wonderful for rustic home lighting.

If you use rawhide lampshades for home lighting, you are going to really be impressed by the warm glow created by the lamps light coming through the stretched rawhide. This is how rawhide shades work to create that inviting warmth. It is a balanced harmony of tone and color that causes that warm glow. While it may not be the focal point of your room, it will definitely add an abundance of character to your space.

When using raw hide skin lamp shades for reading you will most likely want to consider a bigger lamp and lampshade that can be used to provide light from above and behind where a person would be reading. This gives you the most comfortable environment for reading. Wall lamp shades also allow for good reading light and rawhide shades are made in just the right size for your reading and decorating needs.

Remember, when you are purchasing the lighting for your home, the light from rawhide floor lamp shades will allow you to cancel out the glare and capture the charm of the light while using it where you need it. Light rawhide, sometimes called southwestern lamp shades, will let the maximum light shine through while dark rawhide shades, referred to as western lamp shades, are more subdued producing a smoke tone when your lamp is on.

One of the greatest things about the rawhide lamp shades for sale online is that they combine well with so many different types of lamps including southwest lamp styles as well as traditional styles. Like the popular antler lamp with a rawhide leather lamp shade, they also look great used on floor lamps or area lamps. Heavy iron lamps with rawhide shades are another beautiful choice in lighting accessories for southwest decor.

There is really no need to make drastic changes if you own more traditional style lamps. It is the rawhide shade that is creating the southwest look and feel which is why home decorators love designing with them. You can use rawhide with traditional lamps to create a very nice rustic atmosphere.

The variations of size and color lend these lamp shades to be utilized in just about any environment where you want to add rustic charm or are enhancing your room with what has been called rustic chic style. Just as appropriate in the living room, family room or den as well as bedroom or study, rawhide shades can be used in just one room or used to bring in a southwest theme throughout your whole house.

Popular as table lamps as well as on end tables or on wall lamps and chandeliers, lampshades can make a strong statement and bring a welcoming warmth to any room. Purchasing rawhide lamp shades online is easy and fast and often saves you a lot of time and money. Decorating with rawhide in your home is an investment in tranquility and peace that you will welcome for years to come.


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