Home Window Security – The Things You Need To Know To Keep You Safe


Did you know that the second most common way a burglar will enter your home is through your window? According to a recent survey, when a thief enters a house, 32% of them will use a window. But don’t worry – there are things you can do to improve your home window security to keep you and your family safe.

The first thing you should do is lock your windows. A lot of home invasions occur because people forget to lock up or they only have latches close their windows. Burglars will always check the windows as a point of entry because Homeowners forget to do this. If you do not have locks on your windows, then install some.

Review your windows swansea from outside your home and make sure that there is no way for anyone to access the windows to the second floor. Many Homeowners have ladders, large trees, or lattices surrounding their homes making it easy for thieves to gain access to the second floor. This combined with windows being left open or not having any locks makes a home an easy opportunity for a burglar.

Consider installing window security bars. These can be installed either inside or outside of a window, but it will make it difficult for an intruder to enter your home.

Glass windows can be replaced with home window security glass which is also known as storm glass. This glass is much stronger than normal glass and can withstand a lot of pressure. Alternatively, window film can be installed on your window which is a transparent film made of polyester and will withstand pressure as well.

A common type of window is a vertical sliding window. Consider installing an anti-lift device that acts like a deadbolt as this will prevent the glass from being lifted up and out. Alternatively, just having a wooden stick a window track also prevents it from easily being forced open. If you need to open these windows, make sure that the window is open no more than 6 inches and that no one can reach in from the outside and remove the blocking device.

One of the easiest things that you can install is motion sensors which are attached to a home alarm system. If a burglar opens the window, it will trigger the alarm. The noise in itself will scare a burglar away. Furthermore, alarm monitoring companies will give you decals that you can stick to your windows and acts as a deterrent to thieves.

Burglary is a crime of opportunity. To prevent thieves from getting an opportunity, it is essential to ensure you have superior window home security. When you are assessing your windows, do not forget to look at the security around all of them including your basement and garage.


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