How Data Science Is Revolutionizing Healthcare


The Revolutionary Data Science

Data Science in today’s world is not just a profession or a kind of study. It’s a revolution, and it’s hard to find any industry which has not been impacted by it. Healthcare and Medical Science have also entered a totally new phase with the advent of Data Science, and they have the advantage that even before the era of digitization, hospitals and doctors used to store patients’ data, as a result of which there’s already a lot of available data to be tapped into.

Fields Where Data Science Is Affecting Healthcare


  • Precision Treatment: What we currently understand about medicines is that there are certain classes of medicines and doctors prescribe one particular class in all the relevant diseases. But with the help of Data Science Classes in Pune, it is possible to monitor each and every patient and design the right type and dosage of medicines. Doctors are also able to keep real-time tracking of patients’ health and take necessary action accordingly. This is not just improving the treatment methods, but also reducing the death rates.
  • Wearable Devices: With Machine Learning Algorithms, it is possible to keep track of functioning of the whole human body and send signals at even the slightest change or disorder. This way, we can catch every symptom the moment it arises, and start treatment quickly.
  • Improving Diagnostic Accuracy: No matter how advanced healthcare has become today, yet there is a significant number of instances of misdiagnosing. It can reduce this problem completely by checking each and every test result against previous results already stored in the databases. This will not only make diagnosis more accurate, but will also improve the testing methods.
  • Finding Cure for Untreatable Diseases: AIDS, Cancer and Ebola have always been the centre of medical research. Thousands of research organizations are conducting intense research to find a way to treat these diseases with hundred per cent success rates. It can boost the speed of these researches by letting organizations share and exploit each others’ data and remain updated to what others are doing. Also, with Data Science, it is now possible to predict cancer cells and trigger them to normal death before they can cause more damage.
  • Controlling Of Life-Threatening Diseases: It can provide better insights on the patterns and reasons behind life-threatening diseases like Malaria and Diarrhea, and help predict the number and amount of resources, medicines and doctors needed to be deployed in order to control the diseases.

The Scarcity of Data Scientists 

The World is facing a large deficit of skilled Data Scientists in every industry. Healthcare Industry also doesn’t have as many Data Scientists as required. But this also means that there’s a tremendous scope for newcomers.

How Can You Become a Data Science in Healthcare Industry?

Becoming a Data Scientist requires expertise in Statistics, Computing tools for Data Science, and Machine Learning algorithms. Keeping this in mind, the online training helps students gain all the skills required to become a Data Science pro. The courses are self-paced with lifetime access, numerous webinars, live projects, industry-related assessments and much more.


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