How to Make Your Own Special Name Cards For a Party Or Dinner


Name cards can add a lovely little touch to a party or dinner and can be very useful too. Whether they display the names of friends who have come for dinner, different drinks and nibbles that are part of a buffet, or are being used in a fun game, quiz etc. they can be incredibly practical and fun too. These cards can be as detailed or as simple as you like but their quality can always be of a high standard. One way to make effective and attractive cards for an occasion is to have the information printed on adhesive labels and then apply them to the bits of card. Obviously, most often different information will be needed for each different card. In order to do this easily and quickly a mail merge of the required information can be the best option. Mail merges are quick and easy to do and allow a lot of information to be transferred in a simple way.

The first step in organizing your information for a mail merge is to jot down all the information required for each card. Then, open up a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and put in the information you have compiled. Each name etc. must be put in a separate cell. Each cell that features in just one column will equal one name card. For more than one line on the same namecard printing, put each extra line of information in the next cell along in the row. To simplify, put the information for each name card in a cell in a column. If more than one line is required on once card, put these extra bits of information in the corresponding rows. Save your Excel sheet and you now have all the information you need to complete a mail merge.

In order to have your labels for your name cards completed and printed professionally, you must then find a label printer who is able to offer this service. Some online printers do accept mail merge orders and so it is just a matter of spending a little bit of time on the internet and finding one that is suitable. In order to find out if a company offers a mail merge service, the first thing to do is to read through the information provided in the website. If not clear, this information can often be found in the FAQs section. If you are not able to find the relevant details on the website, the best thing to do is to email them to see if they can help you or not. Email is really the preferred method for this type of inquiry as it means they will be able to send you a detailed response and instructions which you will be able to refer back to.

When you have found a suitable label printer and organized your information in an Excel spreadsheet, you will then be able to add other details to your labels, for example, a picture. Some label printers offer an excellent selection of images that you are able to add to your design. This means that you can really make your name cards individual and reflective of the tone of choice. You can make your labels for your cards fun, sophisticated, eye-catching or as basic as you like. It is really down to you and your chosen design.


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