How to Protect You and Your Company From Illegal Immigration


As the number of people that come to live in the United States from other countries continues to increase, so does the amount of people who come to this country illegally. It can be very tempting for companies to hire immigrants who come to the United States and have them work for a smaller amount of pay than Americans would. However, it is important for companies who want to stay out of trouble to make sure the people they hire are legally allowed to be in this country.

If you or your company hires an illegal immigrant and the government finds out, your or your company would have to go to a immigration law office, for example. This probably is occurring more frequently in Midwestern cities, so a immigration law firm may be a last resort for some businesses that have gotten caught hiring illegal immigrants and paying them less than Americans. This article lists some precautions Human Resources employees should take when hiring people from other countries to work from them:

1. Always ask the applicant for the proper documentation. A business green card has every right to ask an applicant for the paperwork needed to be able to work legally in the U.S., so do not be afraid to ask for it. Now, it is very important to note that documents can be easily forged. It would probably be wise to have some kind of training in forged documents if you live in cities where there are lots of people who come in illegally.

2. If you are unsure of the paperwork, talk to an attorney. It is important to know who to ask if you think an applicant may have given you forged documents. You should also contact an attorney if you think you have hired an illegal immigrant. If you do not get the matter cleared up with an attorney, the government could come after you and/or your company, so it is important to be very cautious when hiring people from other countries.

3. If you or your colleagues are ever unsure about an applicant’s ability to work in the United States, you can always choose not to hire the individual. This practice should only be used in cases when you are really unsure of the applicant otherwise, you could get in trouble for discrimination. This can be a very tricky thing to deal with, so be sure you document everything.

It is important for anyone who is hiring individuals to make sure they only hire legal immigrants otherwise you and your company can get into serious trouble with the government, if it happens on a regular basis. There are a few precautions that employees who are responsible for hiring should know about before doing interviews with people who are not natural citizens of the United States. People in charge of hiring should always check for the proper documents and if they are unsure talk to an attorney, or do not hire the questionable applicant. Hopefully, you and your company never have the problem of dealing with illegal immigrants.



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