How to Select the Most Winning Stock Selection Program


More than a third of traders today rely on a stock selection program to give them reliable high probability stock picks based on mathematically crunched market behavior so that they can invest in the market without emotion and without needing the time or experience to put towards investing. Not every program is as good as the next, however, and after 5 years of relying on this technology myself I’ve put together this brief guide to spotting and selecting the most winning stock selection program of today.

First and foremost, think of a stock selection program like any other purchase you would make and expect it to have a money back guarantee on it. Avoid the fly by night programs which cannot back up their software with this guarantee. This also affords you the opportunity to try the program firsthand and truthfully I’ve always found that the most reputable companies/programs encourage that I give their program a trial, receiving a handful of stock picks and gauging their performances accordingly.

Secondly, avoid the free stock selection programs out there; not because I want to sell you on any one program but because the free options are notorious breeding grounds for pump and dump scams where someone behind the program hand picks their own stock choice, invests in it heavily, and advertises it to whoever will listen for free, hailing it the next big thing. This inflates the price and that person gets out at the peak, leaving the mess for everyone else to clean up.

Lastly, I recommend a stock selection program which focuses on cheaper or more established in price stocks, one or the other. It’s a very different analytical process anticipating behavior of cheaper stocks because penny stocks are much more open to outside trading influence and are much more volatile. I’ve always had the best experiences with programs which focus on one or the other, so keep that in mind.

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