Is Remodeling Franchise a Good Investment?


Are you thinking of investing in a remodeling franchise? While it’s true that there are many homes in need of a facelift and remodeling, the questions are, is that enough reason to become an investor in the remodeling and interior design business?

If it is, isn’t it better to just build your remodeling business from scratch instead of paying to become a franchisee? And if you decide to invest, can it be profitable? Well, as you probably know, all investments have their risks.

But some have decent rewards, lower risk factors and are capable of evolving into a stable and long term source of income. The franchise is one of those investments. The benefits of owning or purchasing a remodeling franchise are many. The following should give you an idea of the possible benefits.

Opportunity to Get in Early

Many people -myself included- are kicking themselves every day because they didn’t invest in bitcoin mixer when it came out. We thought it was a joke. Now, one Bitcoin is worth $400. While we can’t compare the tech industry to the remodeling industry, the truth is that there’s a lesson here for all us: get in early when you can. It’s just starting to get popular now and people will be looking to get in pretty soon. And by the time the masses catch on, you would have established yourself in the industry.

Experience and Expertise Aren’t Required

In the past you had to learn everything about the business, even apprentice under someone to become successful. But with the rise of the franchise model, you can piggyback on the franchisor’s knowledge, use the training materials and sales templates and build a successful remodeling firm within 2-5 years.

Good for Reputation

If the Franchisor is recognized, buying the franchise from them provides some leverage, adds to your credibility and makes your firm look big and established -a plus when you’re trying to sell big companies and people on the idea of remodeling their kitchen, homes, offices and properties.

Proven System and Structure

When you purchase a franchise, you get all the necessary tools and support to succeed. Most franchisors will provide you with proprietary software, market survey reports, demography data,frequent consulting, and periodic business development help. They’ll also ensure there’s minimal competition within a specific territory or zone by limiting the number of licenses sold in a particular territory or zone.

Great for Penetrating a Market or Demography

If you already have a remodeling firm, but are finding it difficult to penetrate a certain demography or group, getting a franchise that caters to their taste can help turn that round. The same applies if you’re losing a certain demography or set of clients.

With the current housing market and the slow recovery of the economy, many people are beginning to see the need for renovating and remodeling their properties. This is not surprising considering that the market hasn’t been at its best lately. But, as the market opens up and recovers further, the demand for remodelers will increase. And when it does, those with remodeling franchise investments will smile to the bank.


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