Concrete formwork is the frame that holds wet, poured concrete into place while it cures. It’s necessary for most concrete installations, but especially if you have a unique concrete structure. Everlast Construction in Vancouver specializes in concrete forming and framing. They share more information about concrete formwork.

What is concrete forming, exactly?

As mentioned, it’s the mould that hots wet concrete in place until it can set. There are two types of formwork: temporary and permanent. Temporary is a type of framing that is removed from around the concrete after it has cured. This type of framing can be made of a range of materials including steel, plywood and timber. Permanent formwork stays in place and is never removed from the concrete structure.

How is it used?

Formwork should be built by an experienced, professional concrete contractor like Everlast Construction. They will use it for building foundations, walls and retaining walls, beams, concrete slabs, columns and so on. You need to use formwork to create the perfect finish. It also allows you to get creative with your concrete installation, allowing for varying thicknesses and designs.

Choosing the right concrete form for your project:

When a contractor is choosing the type of form for a project, they must consider where and how the system will be used. They’ll consider things like pour size, weight, pressure, compaction and the amount of concrete that needs to be held. They will also consider the project owners preference for the finish. For example, using rough edge timber will give the concrete a natural, wood grain finish. This might be important to some home and business owners.

Why should I hire a professional?

The frame needs to be strong enough to hole the weigh of the concrete that will be installed. A seasoned formwork professional will know the engineering behind their formwork project. If you don’t do it perfectly, your formwork could collapse under the weight and your concrete installation will be ruined. You’ll have to pay for clean up and then to have it done all over again.

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