Men’s Hawaiian Shirt – From Classic Designs to Crazy Tourists Prints


Even before mainlanders discovered surfing men’s Hawaiian clothes have been around the fashion scene. If you are looking for ad a little spice to your summer wardrobe you really need to have a Hawaiian shirt in your closet. You don’t have to buy one of those crazy wild prints that screams “I am a tourist”, there are classic prints available that just ooze class and style.

The smell of the beach is very intoxicating – it is tempting. One sniff of it can make one think of relaxing thoughts and yet, there is this inviting kick that could make anyone take off his shirt to dive and swim away.

But before you decide to hit Hawaiian shirts, aloha shirt, you have to buy! A men’s Hawaiian shirt is mostly printed with collar and is usually short sleeved. It has buttons all the way down and have a V-neck cut. The hem is straight and no, it can’t be tucked in.

Floral patterns complete the Hawaiian look or sometimes, Polynesian designs are imminent in the fabric. These shirts are not just worn on beach holidays but on beach-themed parties as well.
In the year 1930’s, a certain Mr. Ellery Chun of King Smith Clothiers and Dry Goods devised the Hawaiian shirt in Waikiki and from then on, Aloha shirts made its history. Most of aloha shirts are made of 100% cotton for they resemble the laidback, relaxed outlook of the ocean life.

Some designs can get too loud and some can be as subtle as they can be – the thing is the choice is up to you. Pirate, surfing, coconut tree and parrot designs are one of the most popular choices.

Step into the summer fun with a gorgeous Hawaiian shirt. Enjoy the relaxation and sunshine in style. Tropical styles allow you to be classy and laid back simultaneously; something every man is looking for as they take to the beach or head to the pool. Don’t get left out this summer, find the Hawaiian shirt that’s right for you and get ready for the fun and excitement.




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