Recent Economic and Political News Filling You With Anxiety and Got You Down?


Spring break from college has arrived and Daniel’s kids are home for the break. Conversation quickly turned to the anxiety and stress over this years upcoming graduation and the outlook for jobs.

Daniel’s oldest son has experienced racing heart episodes over the fear of the unknown. Jobs are scarce and the atmosphere surrounding the rapid change of the country to unfamiliar economic conditions is taking its toll emotionally.

What about these student loans. How will he ever be able to pay them back if there are no jobs? Starting pay of graduates has been declining and the quality of jobs available have fallen. That is a lot of stress and anxiety on young people just starting their lives as self-sustaining adults.

As parents we experienced similar situations coming out of college during the news about nigeria Carter administration depression. The first job we took out of college were compromises on our chosen career choice. We felt anxiety as we waited in long lines at the Career center waiting for our turn to interview employers visiting the campus. Many times we were shut out as the maximum number of interviews filled up. This was back in the days when we had to stand in line to sign up. No on line ability back then.

How many college kids are experiencing stress and anxiety that led to panic attacks?

Certainly many have had anxiety attacks. Many may not even know they had one just tossing the episode aside as just nerves. How are you kids handling the economic and political uproar. As parents we haven’t seen such uncertain times.

Talk to your kids and see if they have had racing hearts. Maybe days where they just had no energy and couldn’t pull themselves to go to class or out with their friends. Of course, on days other than after a night of parties. Have you noticed your kids being more despondent and expressing hopelessness of the future. A common one I hear among my kids college friends is “does it really matter anymore” or “I’ll never be able to find a good job”.

Symptoms of anxiety and panic disorder are not cut and dry. They may be present but attributed to the natural procrastination of teens and youth. Many just assume that excessive partying is to blame.

Racing hearts, shortness of breath and feelings of despair are things your kids won’t want to talk to you about. You’ll have to be observant and diligent to be there for your college kids without seeming overbearing on them or making them feel like your smothering them (We’ve heard that one a couple of times over the years).

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