Rooftops – The Hottest Place to Hold NYC Events


Let’s get one thing straight, rooftop bars and restaurants are cool, especially in New York where we have amazing views and there’s no better place to hold NYC events than on a rooftop. For years celebrities have been holding rooftop events but now we all can enjoy the fun and mystique of a rooftop party thanks to the explosion in rooftop bars. Going back 5 years it was very hard to find a Rooftop bar in but those days are well and truly behind us. From fashion shows, to birthday parties the rooftop has become a popular choice for holding NYC events. Don’t get me wrong, people have been having rooftop parties in NYC for years but, the lucky few people who have had access to their rooftops are starting to dwindle, as landlords get tough on security and safety concerns of having people on rooftops.

When it comes to spectacular views NYC has it, whether you’re in Brooklyn looking across to Manhattan or you’re Downtown looking Uptown, you can be anywhere in New York and have amazing views. What makes a great rooftop event? Is it the people, is it the food and drink served or is it the venue? In most cases it’s a combination of all of the above. It’s important to choose a venue that matches your event, for example if you’re holding an engagement party you are not going to choose a dive bar. A great way to get people talking about your up-and-coming event is to pick a great venue and no place is hotter at the moment than rooftop bars. Rooftop bars are the perfect place to hold your next NYC event, spectacular views combined with great food and drink along with your best friends, will make any rooftop function a memorable occasion.

There are few things to consider when planning a rooftop party for your next NYC event. First thing is the weather, asking people to attend a rooftop event during the middle of a NYC January is crazy, even though most venues have outdoor heaters and undercover roofing, you’ll be hard pushed to find a venue that will cater a party at that time of year. Thanks to heaters the rooftop party season normally runs from April through to October. Rain can play havoc with rooftop parties especially summer time in NYC, which is prone to evening thunderstorms. Choose a venue that is both undercover and has a balcony, so no matter the weather you’ll be able to enjoy your next rooftop event come hail or shine. NYC events attract people from all over the world and there’s no better place to show case this city than having your next event on a rooftop. Throughout the city there are plenty of rooftop venues to choose from, check your local guides for more information.


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