Sunglasses and Sustainability: The Best Eco-Friendly Brands for Stylish and Responsible Shades


Embracing eco-friendly sunglasses not only protects your eyes from harmful UV rays but also contributes to a more sustainable future. Many brands are now prioritizing environmentally-conscious materials and production processes. Here are some of the best eco-friendly round sunglasses brands that offer both style and responsibility.

1. Sunski

  • Materials: Sunski uses recycled plastic frames, repurposed scrap material, and plant-based resin lenses.
  • Sustainability Initiatives: They participate in 1% for the Planet, contributing 1% of their sales to environmental nonprofits.

2. Proof Eyewear

  • Materials: Proof Eyewear creates frames from sustainable materials like FSC-certified wood, cotton-based acetate, and recycled aluminum.
  • Sustainability Initiatives: They have partnered with Trees for the Future to plant a tree for every frame sold.

3. Pela Vision

  • Materials: Pela Vision’s frames are made from bio-based materials like flaxseed and biodegradable acetate.
  • Sustainability Initiatives: They are a Certified B Corporation and are committed to minimizing their environmental impact.

4. Zeal Optics

  • Materials: Zeal Optics uses plant-based materials for their frames, including castor bean oil.
  • Sustainability Initiatives: They are a member of 1% for the Planet and prioritize responsible manufacturing practices.

5. Eco by Modo

  • Materials: Eco by Modo utilizes recycled and biobased materials for their frames.
  • Sustainability Initiatives: They have an “One Frame – One Tree” program, planting a tree for every frame sold.

6. Sea2See

  • Materials: Sea2See creates frames from 100% recycled marine plastic waste collected from the ocean.
  • Sustainability Initiatives: They actively contribute to marine conservation efforts and support coastal communities.

7. Warby Parker

  • Materials: Warby Parker offers a “Scout Collection” made from bio-based materials and recycled plastics.
  • Sustainability Initiatives: They are carbon-neutral and have a Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program to provide glasses to those in need.

8. Organic Basics

  • Materials: Organic Basics uses bio-based acetate and recycled stainless steel for their frames.
  • Sustainability Initiatives: They are committed to reducing waste and minimizing their environmental footprint.


  • Materials: RIGARDS creates unique frames from sustainable materials like horn and ethically-sourced buffalo horn.
  • Sustainability Initiatives: They prioritize ethical production practices and support traditional craftsmanship.

10. Krewe

  • Materials: Krewe utilizes bio-acetate and plant-based resins for their frames.
  • Sustainability Initiatives: They have a commitment to sustainable design and support local communities.

When choosing sunglasses, consider these eco-friendly brands that prioritize both style and sustainability. By supporting responsible eyewear companies, you not only protect your eyes but also contribute to a more environmentally-conscious future.

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