The Best Tool to Obtain and Engage Referrals


Mobile Web Apps are still so new in the industry, only 2%+ of businesses have them. Most businesses do not realize the powerful tool they have at their fingertips. This tool is the most economical marketing “club” they have in their bag to build a larger client base and expand their brand through referrals.
The greatest type of new customer there is and ever has been since the beginning of time is a GOOD REFERRAL!!! Every marketer agrees “hands down” that the best new client is one that is acquired due to a recommendation from a trusted source. They come to do business because a company might offer what they want and their referral to the company provides the best environment for all parties to solidify a new relationship. Over time, things have not changed too much regarding how business obtains referrals:

• Asking for referrals from various sources
• Sending letters, emails, or messages with referral requests to clients. prospects, “bird dogs”, and centers of influence we have met and have built trusted relationships with.
• Customers that believe in your business to the point they share it on their own
• Third-party organizations which endorse your business.

To make contact, we provide a business card, a telephone number, an email, or maybe a website address to the referral to make contact. What happens at that point is a loss of control because there has not been a tool to complete the connection and provide the opportunity to solidify the relationship immediately. As with my experiences and observations in the past 35 years of sales, the longer the time it takes to make a solid connection with a Hopper Referral Code, the less value the referral might possess with time.

What is missing?
What’s missing is a simple tool that provides the ability to complete a solid connection with the referral. It is important to make that connection as soon as a referral is obtained. The tool needs to provide quick, accurate information coupled with the ability to pull the prospect into your relationship-building marketing system.

This tool is already in your hand… A MOBILE SMARTPHONE. Due to access to our mobile devices over 90+% of the time, the mobile device is the tool that provides the opportunity to make an immediate connection with potential customers using the standard means I described above. The question is, “How can a business capitalize on this opportunity of access while acquiring these strongest types of new customer leads – REFERRALS?

The mobile web app can provide the platform to accomplish this by providing immediate sharing access and the ability to engage the referral to complete a connection. The flexibility of various custom features already designed for that kind of marketing is within most web app development platforms. The old saying holds. “Strike while the iron is hot” by engaging the referral immediately by using the mobile device within everyone’s reaches 93% of the time… 24/7.
What can be designed in a mobile web app to help capture new referrals and engage them in your process?

• Create forms to provide electronic referrals through the app
• Create incentive programs for those who prefer
• Pre-made emails referring friends through a link to the mobile web app
• Refer the app through Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Google+, Etc.
• Keep me Updated on forms to acquire cell numbers for SMS and email addresses
• Texting to engage the customer 90+% of the time creating “top of mind awareness”.
• Share the app with friends and associates by allowing them to scan the QR code image on the app from your phone. The referral scans the QR code from the display on your phone and immediately sees the custom mobile web app on theirs, and can add the company icon to the phone as an app. No Download is required and done in seconds.
• Refer someone to the main company website using their mobile device. The main site seamlessly changes to the company mobile web app… EVERY TIME. Add a bookmark and the branded app icon can be added to the new customer’s phone homepage. IPhone automatically can ask if you want to add the mobile web app without doing anything.

Now at the end of the process, the customer has access to the business 24/7 and the business has access to the customer 24/7. What other marketing “club” in your bag can provide this type of access… for literal pennies a day?

Referral marketing is just one way of using the mobile web app to acquire new customers.


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