The Honeymoon Stage of Trucking Courier Services and What Every Customer Must Know


A lot of in-city trucking couriers will service a new customer to death in the first few months of their business relationship, but once they feel that they are safe and secure with that customer, they begin to take them for granted and start providing shoddy service. Some couriers believe that since there are so few local courier express companies with a fleet large enough to service their clientele that they no longer have to worry about competition or they simply no longer care. If you feel that your delivery service is leaving you with a rotten bill of goods, then you are not alone. Please keep reading to learn how you can keep the honeymoon stage alive or find a way to exit what has truly become a dead marriage.

As a customer you may feel that you were once the prize, but you are now despised. Once the honeymoon period is over, you may realize that your courier company is slow to pick up or slow to deliver your goods. This bad service attitude often happens once the courier realizes that the new customer doesn’t need their service as much as they had thought they would, hence they are not making much money from them. On the other hand, a courier company that treats all of their customers alike does not care if a customer spends $20 per period, or $2000; they will treat each customer with the utmost respect and provide the same level of service while remaining friendly, courteous, and thoroughly professional at all times.

Unfortunately, plenty of drivers (and courier express services) will often be aloof to customers when they do not feel that they are making much money from them. Conversely, a reputable courier Toronto company will impart their exemplary customer service standards to their drivers so that they will, in turn, consistently treat the customer well by demonstrating that they are happy to be there and are sincerely thankful for the opportunity to service them regardless of the amount of business that is being generated.

One thing of special note in this particular discussion is this: couriers that provide broader services than simple parcel delivery do not really make money on the parcel delivery side of the business due to equipment costs, commercial insurance, registration, monthly payments for vehicles and equipment, maintenance, fuel, taxes, etc. The most profitable part of their business comes from the calls that include heavy freight, those that fill their decks, and on rush services. You know that you are dealing with a dependable courier company when they are just as willing to move the small stuff as they are the large freight orders.

So, now that you know about the problems faced by customers who use in-city trucking courier services, how can you ensure that you won’t become just another pretty face? Truthfully, there is no guarantee that your new service provider won’t drop the ball but there are some steps you can take to remedy a deteriorating situation including:

1. Contact your current courier service and let them know that you are dissatisfied with their service. Keep track of problems including if a driver has been rude or if the company has been displaying a pattern of showing up late or holding back on deliveries.

2. Start shopping for a new courier service. This is easier said than done, but if you convey to a new company that you expect nothing less than exemplary service from them and that you plan on holding them accountable to their promises, then you are less likely to be disappointed later on. If they don’t agree to your terms in advance, then simply move on to the next courier.

3. Expect to pay a decent rate for good service. Sometimes the customer is partially at fault when dealing with a new courier service as they’ll demand discounts or demand a rate that matches the unreasonably low rate of a competitor. As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for” only invites shoddy service later on as the courier company looks for different ways to trim their costs, perhaps at your expense. Of course, this is not an ethical practice on the part of the trucking courier service, but it is not entirely unexpected either as someone within the company may have felt pressured to give to you their lowest rate without being able to back it up with an adequate level of service. Either way you lose, so if someone offers you a rate that is well below the industry average, you can expect service problems to crop up later on.



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