The Online ADHD Test – How It Works, What It Does, And How You Can Use It


Parents who suspect that their little boy or girl might have ADHD will usually try to gather some information on the disorder. They do this so as to be able to determine whether there is a likelihood that the disorder is present, or not. In so doing they will turn to the Internet for help. There are many useful websites on the Internet that provide good and relevant information regarding this common disorder. You can find out more about the right foods to include in the child’s diet, which foods to omit, what therapies are available and how they work, what homeopathic remedies are recommended, what studies have been done, how history of the disorder, what the suspected causes are, and about the traditional medications used to treat and manage the symptoms.

One of the best tools available to parents (and in fact to anyone who suspects that they might have the disorder) is the online ADHD test.

The Online Test for ADHD:

The majority of websites that offer the test for ADHD use the info that is freely available in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV), which is used by psychiatrists and other mental health experts to help them diagnose a range of different mental issues, whether adhd or some other disorder, such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc.

A Word of Caution

While there are a set range of ADHD symptoms and behaviors that must be present in order for a diagnosis to be made, it must be pointed out that there are other issues that can result in the same or similar symptoms. Because of that fact alone, ADHD must be diagnosed by a suitably qualified and experienced ADHD specialist. Using the tests for ADHD found on the Internet as a diagnostic tool is not advised. In fact, most reputable websites will inform you that the test is not intended as a diagnostic tool and that proper evaluation is necessary in order to determine whether a child, or adult, has ADHD.

So what is the point of the online adhd test if not to diagnose the symptoms? The purpose of the ADHD tests that you find online is to help you determine whether an evaluation is necessary, or not. That is the sole purpose of the online ADHD quiz. Once you have completed the answering the questions you will then be advised as to the likelihood of whether or not you, or your child, are ADHD. If there is indication that ADHD might be present, a recommendation for further evaluation will be made. It is then up to you what you do with that information.

If you take the test, and the result is that ADHD is certainly a likelihood, what should you not do?

You should not…

* Attempt to treat the disorder without a thorough diagnostic process.

* Omit the evaluation process.

* Ignore the results.

Assuming that you have taken the test and ADHD is indicated, you should then have the child evaluated. Once the evaluation process is concluded and a diagnosis has been made, you can then turn your attention to the treatment options that are available. Many people are choosing to leave traditional ADHD drugs as a last resort once all other treatments have been tried. This is a good idea if you are not inclined to have your child medicated.



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