Three Executive Corporate Gift Ideas for Special Occasions


Coming up with three executive corporate gift ideas, even with a fairly large budget, is not always as easy as many people first imagine. In fact, it is quite difficult because at this level there really should be a realistic attempt to fit executive corporate merchandise to particular customers, clients or prospects.

Presenting executive corporate gift ideas have their own quite special problems. The cost is usually quite expensive and, perhaps, for a multi-national corporation might appear to be a drop in the ocean. Alternatively, for a smaller local concern, a similar expenditure might seem exorbitant and appear fairly close to an inducement or an out-and-out bribe. It is true that in some areas of the world and cultures, inducements are a way of life and without these very little would happen on time – if ever.

However, for the purpose of this article we assume that all is as it should be. For this reason, many companies and organisations have their own rules and regulations as to what is acceptable and what is not. Therefore, before embarking on an exercise investigating executive corporate gift ideas it would be prudent to find out from your intended recipients, what is allowed.

For this reason it is perhaps better to restrict management corporate gifts to the upper echelons to specific occasions such as Christmas or a special corporate event. Many organisations run customer information days at different executive levels such as company dinners, executive golf days, theatre days or new product announcement meetings. These events are often quite tight-knit affairs and restricted to the crème-de-la-crème of the customer base with perhaps only a dozen or so invitees.

These occasions are usually blue chip affairs and there is an opportunity to get away from the usual advertising giveaways, promotional items and business gifts and come up with something rather special in terms of executive corporate gift ideas. In considering what to give it is a good idea to think in terms of luxury and items seen as unique business gifts. Even though the executives attending this style of function may appear to have everything there are, nonetheless, some articles which they would welcome.

Depending on the function and the budget there are some executive promotional gifts which always seem to hit the hot button. Personalised pens, executive watches and multi-tools are among the perennial sure-fire winners every time. Not every senior executive is able to sign his or her name with a Mont Blanc Meisterstuck Collector 100 year anniversary edition roller ballpoint pen which is the ultimate in elegant writing instruments. In fact, it is almost an insult to refer to such a piece of stylish craftsmanship as a personalized pen.

Spending, or investing, even more money you might consider a quality watch which is distinctive and has the right ambience of luxury and quality. Away from the super watches there is none better than the Rado Ceramica matt bracelet watch which will certainly impress the recipient that he or she is an honored guest.

Both the Mont Blanc Meisterstuck and Rado Ceramica are unisex gifts and are suitable for male and female guests. However, Rado go one better and make a female version of the Rado Ceramica watch.

Depending on the gathering and the budget the final suggestion is a Leatherman Charge TTI Multi-Tool – surely a king amongst multi-tools although it’s a special kind of woman who would appreciate this as an executive business gift.

These are all rather special promotional items which are not for everybody but represent three executive corporate gift ideas for special occasions.



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