Top 10 Tips For CBSE Board Exams That Will Give You the Desired Success


Less than two months left in the commencement of the CBSE board exams. These days, the students can be seen worrying and searching everywhere to get CBSE Previous Year Question Paper with Solutions and other related practice material so that their hard work excellently pays off in the exams. Read the below given top 10 tips to ace the board exams composedly:

1. Time-table is a must. Make sure you start the board exam revision with the correct time table by dividing your everyday time properly, which must include some time for practicing a set of Previous Year Question Paper too. Adhere to this time table sincerely and get the dream results.

2. Do not miss any topic/chapter. Omitting or missing any topic may lash adverse exam results on you. You may get questions from any topic or chapter in the board exams, so do ensure that you have studied all of them and have practiced every subject with the help of CBSE Science Class 11 question bank for Class 12.

3. Don’t just study. Studying dedicatedly through Previous Year Question Paper material is definitely good but studying without any break would exhaust your mind and body. In fact, it would make you feel dull and lazy. So take small 10-minute breaks after every 1-2 hours. This would keep your mind in a fresh and productive mode.

4. Practice is the master key. Excellent practice reciprocates outstanding result. So practice abundant sample papers and CBSE previous year question paper with solutions along with the textbook revision.

5. Follow time management skills. CBSE has suggested key time management skills which would help students to complete the board exam on time. When you practice CBSE previous year question paper with solutions, you understand a subject better. So go for it and write all the answers in the exam hall confidently.

6. Eat healthy, sleep enough. Your physical health has a direct impact on your brain. So make sure you follow a healthy and nutritious diet and sleep ideally, that is about 8-hour sleep at night. When you follow this, you learn better!

7. Cross-check all required ID cards and other essentials. To follow all CBSE guidelines should be your priority and carrying all ID cards is a necessity for board exams. So cross-check all required ID cards and stationery when you pack your bag for the exam day. This would avoid last-minute panic.

8. When it is enough, stop then and there. Excess of everything is bad and this applies for studies too. When you’ve given sufficient time to a subject and have practiced it well through best CBSE question bank for Class 12, you must not drag the practice till the night before exam. Rather, take complete rest a night before the exam and wake up fresh on D-day.

9. Fill all the details carefully. Any silly mistake committed while filling your name and other essential details would result in a dreadful outcome. So fill these details carefully and cross-check them.

10. Attempt all answers neatly and in readable handwriting. A neat and presentable answer sheet would definitely impress the examiner and you may get full marks if the answers are correct. You get clear idea about the presentation skills if you practice enough with the help of Previous Year Question Paper.


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