Treadmill Desk Options – 3 Ways To Get A Walking Workstation In Your Home or Office


Looking for a treadmill desk? Walking workstations are becoming much more popular as people seek to get healthier and slimmer while they work.

In fact, studies are now showing that standing and/or walking while you work is much healthier for you than sitting in front of a computer for hours (which can actually be hazardous to your health!)

So if you’re ready to fight that dreaded spread that often comes with sitting down for hours at a time, you’re probably thinking about a treadmill desk.

You have several different options in this area, depending on what you already have at home, your budget and circumstances. Here are 3 suggestions to get a workstation in your home:

#1 If You Don’t Have a Treadmill:

One of the best options here is to buy a treadmill with a built-in desk option, instead of buying a treadmill and desk separately (which can be a lot more expensive).

There are a number of great desk treadmills that will do double duty as both a treadmill (where you can walk on an incline, run or try a built-in workout) and as a desk (where you can slow down and walk while you work on a computer). Both Nordictrack and Proform make some great models here.

If you don’t care about “working out” and just want to walk, then you may want more of a walking workstation (Lifespan makes some good ones in this category).

The speeds are limited so you can’t run. And there are no incline options. But you still get a solid, well-cushioned treadmill decks with large workspace.

#2 If You Already Have A Treadmill:

You can buy an add-on desk that will hold your laptop, phone, pens papers etc. A popular desk option here is the Trekdesk. It fits over most treadmills and – while a bit bulky – does give you a very large working area.

The only downside is that these can be a bit expensive (around $500) and they do take up a lot of space. There are other desks on the market similar to the Trekdesk and new ones are coming out every year.

Also, depending on your treadmill layout, be aware that these desks can sometimes block your console – or part of the console – and the handrests. So it creates a bit of a tradeoff between watching your workout stats vs having a desk space.

#3 If You’re Handy and Have A Treadmill:

This is the trickiest and most time-consuming option. But if you’re handy you may want to try building your own desk and placing it over your treadmill.

You can find plans all over the Internet that show you how to do this, but as I’ve never tried this option, I can’t vouch for how safe this is.

Still, if you’re up for a challenge and have the time, it might be the most budget-friendly option.

So those are 3 of the best ways to get a walking workstation for your home or office.



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