What Is the Salary of an Orthopedic Surgeon? Main Aspects



A highly skilled orthopedic surgeon’s salary is much higher than of an inexperienced. In the specialists with one year of experience earn almost 135,000 per year. The orthopedic surgeon salary varies from 120,000 to 306,800 for people who have from one to five years of experience. If your experience is from 5 to 10 years, you will get 198,000 to 390,500 per year. Well experienced and skillful orthopaedic surgeons is Dr. Brian Cable who have been practicing for 10 to 20 years earn from 193,000 to 398,000 per year. There are few specialists who work more than 20 years. As a rule, such people start private practices and earn up to 420,000 or even more per year.


Reputation is of great importance in an orthopaedic surgeon’s career. Excellent reputation and experience in a large urban area or prestigious private clinics play into the hands of a specialist of this field of medicine. A professional with good experience and immaculate reputation can earn up to half a million per year.

A spotless reputation includes excellent treatment of patients, getting the patient back to themselves quickly and effectively, performing the duties in the best way, being attentive to every patient and show compassion to them, taking no bribes, and it excludes behaving rudely or caddish. One wrong turn may spoil the reputation for years. It’s so hard to redeem honour.


Unfortunately, the modern society still considers men to be better qualified and capable than women. It is often reflected in the salary of teachers, scientist, doctors and other professions. The orthopedic surgeon salary depends on the gender too. Male surgeons make more money in comparison with female surgeons. The highest orthopedic surgeon salary for a man is $299,000 and the lowest is $290,406. The highest females’ orthopedic surgeon salary is almost $245,000.

The statistics says that the lowest salary of male surgeons is also more than the highest salaries of women. You know that surgery operations are difficult and need much attention and a good command of knowledge. A little mistake may cause death. Patients prefer men and consider them to be more responsible and competent. For this reason, most female surgeons do little surgeries in hospitals and clinics.

Type of Organization

Type of organization is of great importance for an orthopaedic surgeon because his salary may vary depending on where he works. Hospitals servants earn from $150,000 to $314,000, private clinic workers’ income varies from $201,000 to $401,000.

Geographical Region

In the USA a salary of an orthopedic surgeon depends on the area he lives and works in. The main reason of this condition is the population of the state and standard of living. In some cities orthopedic surgeon salary is rather high along with benefits as well.

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