5 Practical Reasons to Install the Resin Driveway


A newly laid resin driveway is a very effective way of transforming the old and neglected driveway to give the home a major facelift. Updating the driveway has plenty of positive benefits including the ability to add value to your home. Typically, a professionally installed resin driveways has the potential to increase the home’s market value by 5 to 10 percent. Also, there is the option to personalize your home with a look that perfectly blends with the home and local landscape.

Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits of updating with the resin driveway:

Permeable surface

A great benefit of the resin driveway is the fact it is fully permeable to water and air. This surface material is seen as environmentally beneficial and rated as a sustainable urban drainage system (SUDS). This means it is possible to install a driveway without needing to add a separate drainage system to the design. It is most effective when combined with a permeable binder base coat.


Once applied to the driveway, this type of surface is very hard-wearing with a smooth finish that is entirely free of loose stones. This makes the driveway practical in most situations, including disabled access, bicycles and push chairs. Also, a special coat can be applied to the surface to stop it being slippery.

Easy installation

A well-installed resin driveway will take a relatively short time to install. The actual installation process is odorless, virtually silent and mostly hassle-free. A typical driveway will dry enough to walk on after a period of fours, and it will be fully dry to let a vehicle drive upon it within a period of eight hours.

Flexible design options

The stones used to lay the driveway can range from single to multiple colors to give the option to be creative. An innovative or bespoke design can include shapes, numbers, patterns, logos, curves or borders.

Low maintenance

The flat and reliable surface of the resin driveway means there is a very low risk of ice, puddles, or the growth of weeds. An occasional clean with a stiff brush or a jet wash is certain to be enough to keep this surface clean at any time of the year.

Overall, the use of resin can make one of the most reliable options for surfacing a driveway. Plus, the long-lasting durability of this type of driveway has the ability to save money in the long-term, which can free up resources to use in other areas of the home to complete necessary repairs or updates.


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