A Quick Way to Remove Unwanted Office Furniture


Getting rid of unwanted office furniture is not going to be a hassle or a headache for you unless you procrastinate. When you work from a home office, and in accordance to your city’s laws, you may be able to just put it out on the pavement with a sign that says “free.” Perhaps you have some business connections or belong to a charity that needs office furniture. Donating the items will give you a sense of satisfaction and will be greatly appreciated by the recipients. Donating items will also create strong bonds to the community or with other businesses.

Outright disposal in the trash is another avenue you can take, yet it will just be adding waste to the environment, especially if the items are gently used. You business will be greener if you help support reducing waste and reusing items.

Taking out an advertisement in the local paper or on the internet is another way to rid yourself of unwanted office furniture and wish to get a bit of money from it. Be reasonable in your asking price and be ready to bargain and field phone calls or emails concerning the furniture. Set aside specific times for taking questions about the furniture donation so it does not interrupted your working day. If the furniture is virtually brand new, you may want to place it on an auction website or take it to a consignment shop to try to make the maximum amount of money. Use your connections to find out who may be looking to purchase some office furniture, do not be shy about letting people know you have some for sale.

Make use of social media as well, offer information about what you have and how much you are asking for price. Encourage your friends to share the information with their friends. Social media can act as a fast moving “word of mouth” free advertisement!

Getting rid of electronics is a bit trickier. Unusable electronics should be disposed of according to local laws. Usable computers can be resold or donated. It is essential that you or a trusted computer technician transfer all information from the old computers to the new ones and to erase everything off of the computer before selling or donating.

Choosing not to wipe the hard drive could prove to be damaging to your business or even downright embarrassing if you have personal information stored on the computer. Ridding yourself of unwanted office furniture and components will be very successful when you put your mind to it. If time is of the essence, donation is the way to go. If money is the top priority, be prepared for the process to last a little longer.

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