Decorate With Flower Wall Stickers


Everybody loves flowers, but children particularly do so. Flowers are usually seen as girly things and it is certainly true that particularly large flowers may be a bit too girly, but even boys like to have a room that looks like a garden and a garden includes flowers. Sure, they may want more emphasis on the creepy crawlies than on the flora of a garden, but it wouldn’t look right without flowers. This is where flower wall stickers come in, as they are come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, meaning any children’s room can look great.

The Flower that Lives Above the Clouds

Once upon a time, flowers started to grow and each of them chose where they wanted to live and what colours they wanted on their petals. Grass decided to stay on the ground and give the world greenery. The daisy laughed and said it wanted to live all over the fields. The poppy, clover, cornflower and buttercup all liked the daisy’s idea. The water lily wanted to live near water, as did the cowslips, the irises and the Jack in the pulpits. The forget-me-nots and wood violets wanted to stay in the shade because they were shy. The pansies, the hollyhocks, the sweet Williams and the roses want to live in gardens where they would be touched and petted. The cactus wanted to be in the heat.

Up in the Mountains

All the space on earth was taken, but nobody wanted to go to the mountains. There was no food there, no warmth and no heat. They felt that the grey moss wall should be covering the rocks, but even the moss didn’t really want to. The moss said it wanted warmth, food, moisture. However, all the other flowers said that the moss had to go; the moss was the only one that hadn’t chosen. Up and up he climbed, to a place all desolate and silent. He climbed higher still, to where the clouds reached the top and the mountains were covered in snow and ice. Suddenly it stopped in amazement and gazed at what it saw.

The Star Shaped Flower

Here, in this area where no one wanted to live, the moss saw a beautiful flower shaped like a star. It was blossoming as well. The flower was as white as the snow, with a beautiful soft yellow heart. Its leaves were wrapped in soft wool, to protect it from the cold. The grey moss stopped short and asked the little flower why it was here and how it was able to live. After all, there was no warmth, there was no food and there was no moisture. The little flower looked up and said it was called the Edelweiss. It said that it felt its presence was needed, to bring some brightness to the loneliness of the mountains. No one told it to come; it simply felt that the mountains needed it.

The Edelweiss is the flower that is closest to the stars. Closer even than the iris, the buttercup, the rose or the daisy. It is known as the Noble White, the noble flower that grows happily where no one else wants to go.

Decorating your home with flowers has never been easier. You can purchase an array of beautiful flower wall stickers to suit all taste and age ranges. For general home décor, bedroom, nursery absolutely anywhere that requires a touch of nature to bring some peace and tranquility into your home. The great thing about wall stickers today is that they are now generally designed to be easily removed time and time again, so if you make a mistake or you just want to change the design you can easily peel them off the wall and move them about.


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