The Right Use Of Medication For Weight Loss


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Obesity is fast being recognized as the number one lifestyle disease in the world. In order to stay fit, losing weight has become a serious criteria. Most of us go through various health magazines, advertisements, suggestions given by expert trainers and nutritionists just to find an easy and effective solution to burn the fat and flab.

As you already know, the proper way to lose weight is through rigorous exercise and a proper diet. If you have no idea what comprises such a diet, opt for the advice of a nutritionist who will chalk out an easy-to-follow diet for you. But, there is another easier method that can supplement your weight loss efforts. It is through medication.

Influence of Media:-

There are a whole host of advertisements that literally scream from the rooftop that dietary supplements targeted at Medications for weight loss will give 100% satisfaction. Though medical experts are doubtful about their efficacy, the craze over them is ever-increasing. The truth is that some of these medications are safe, but only when taken in the right dosage and when used in conjunction with a proper diet and exercise.

If you want to lose weight with the help of weight loss medicines, it is important to get a complete health checkup done at your physician’s office and thereby assess your overall health condition. Carry out all the regular investigations judiciously to prove that you have no serious medical condition. Once you are sure that you are free of any ailments, you can start using weight loss medication as per your doctor’s advice.

Consumption of a lot of water is essential:-

Most of the medicines allow your body to lose weight by forcing it to lose its natural water content through sweating, urination, etc. Loss of ample water from the body can ultimately lead to dehydration which can induce further trouble. Hence, consumption of at least eight glasses of water is an absolute must.

Instructions Must Be Followed:-

Also make sure you follow the directions of use when using these diet medicines. If some require abstinence from consumption of certain foods during the tenure of their consumption, follow the instructions religiously. This is to make sure that there are no unnecessary side effects.

Tenure of consumption:-

Using such medication for weight loss over extended periods will not yield any results. Mostly, doctors agree that you should not carry on with them for more than three months at a stretch.

Following a proper diet:-

Maintaining a balanced, nutritious diet, which is low on fats and carbohydrate, is a necessity. Make sure you are following a good diet that is abundant in fiber during the time that you are on medicines like this.

Workouts are also necessary:-

If you want meaningful results in weight loss, you must also follow a proper workout regimen along with a healthy diet. Try to augment the intensity of the exercises gradually. This will ultimately lead you to your desired goal.

Thus as you can see, you should not just depend on medication to get to your weight loss target. Doctors and nutritionists do prescribe some of this medication, but they would never tell you that they can work wonders and help you shed the extra pounds you are carrying around overnight.


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