First Steps in Crafting Handmade Pottery Bowls


Crafting handmade pottery bowls is a fun way to create personal pieces for your dining area. Since you will create your very own masterpiece, you put a more personal touch to your home. Once you get to know more projects about handmade pottery, you will come up with very interesting pieces for your home.

For beginners, it would be more convenient to have the clay prepared and wedged for you. The process of wedging the clay removes all the bubbles out. If you have done handmade pottery before, you can wedge your own clay. Make sure that there are no air pockets and the consistency of the clay is stiff. Take note that wedging plays a huge part in forming your clay. The clay should be stiff yet malleable enough to be mold into different shapes.

The first thing you need to do when wedging is to take a piece of clay and slam it onto the table. Take your wire cutter and slice the slab until you come up with smaller pieces. Put these small pieces on top of the other, using the same direction. Do this until there are no air packets in the clay.

One good idea for you to come up with good designs is to look at Handmade pottery magazines. This will give you an idea on what type of design you want to do on your pottery bowls. Now you have a design, weigh your clay and use only the amount that you will on a certain project so nothing will be put to waste. Prepare the dimensions of your desired pottery bowls.

Get a portion of your clay then throw it onto the potter’s wheel. If you are adept to handmade pottery, you will be able to measure the clay you need without relying on any measuring tools. But this is also a way for you to experiment and get to know the process of handmade pottery.

Now that you got the clay all set, it’s time to make your pottery bowls. Get a portion of the clay and throw it at the center of the wheel. While you are spinning the wheel, pat the sides of the clay until it makes a shape of a cone. Force the clay into the center.

Operate the wheel to move faster, this time, get water and wet the clay with your hands. Push your body to force the clay to go downward.

Continue repeating until you are satisfied with the smoothness of the clay. Use your hands to create the bowl. Use one hand to hold the sides of the bowl while you bring the other hand down to the center to create the hole.

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